Who Am I To Do This?

I tried hard really hard to not start this blog. Honestly, I did. But since you’re reading this now, it’s clear that my voice of reason lost this round to the shared voice of the heart and gut.

My voice of neurotic and protective reasoning didn’t concede the battle without asking incessant questions. My calm inner voice of truth kept right on answering them and that’s how we got here.

The Q&A session in my head went something like this:

Q: “Who are you to start an intersectional feminist blog?”

A: “A woman who wants to create a space to free, heal, inform, and inspire others.”

Q: “You’re white. You can’t just feature stories overcoming challenges from you and other white women. If this is going to be an intersectional feminist blog, you need stories from a diverse range of women.”

A: “I know.”

Q: “You have a lot going on right now, you know.”

A: “I know.”

Q: “Are you aware of how much time this blog will take?”

A: “I have a general idea. Posting once a month is sustainable for me. I have a year of post ideas written down. I hope others will be inspired to write their own too.”

Q: “Doesn’t Pantsuit Nation on Facebook already do this?”

A: “Yes. And having one more place on the interwebs to share stories won’t hurt anyone. This blog is an option for people who aren’t on Facebook or want to spend less time scrolling there.”

Q: “Don’t you keep saying you want to simplify your life?”

A: “Yes. And every time I say no to starting this blog, the voice of Onward Woman keeps coming back and asking: ‘So when are we starting?'”

Why We’re Here: to Create Sisterhood and Promote Equity

The purpose of Onward Woman is to create sisterhood and promote equity by sharing stories from a diverse representation of women.

Through sharing stories of our bravery and resilience, which can range from tales of triumph to small and powerful actions, I hope we can:

  • create an intersectional feminist space
  • eliminate secrecy
  • normalize the unspoken
  • vaporize shame
  • allow healing
  • empower the storyteller
  • inform others
  • inspire action


This blog will feature stories of women to counterbalance the disproportionate focus on “history” – cultural narratives that feature and celebrate the accomplishments of men.

Onward Woman is a place to write “herstory” – stories of bravery and resilience, struggle and triumph written by, about women.

Women Warriors

Throughout time, women have shown up as warriors. Ezer is the name used in Genesis to describe Eve which translates to “warrior” or “necessarily ally”. Warriors are brave individuals and supportive teammates. Warriors work together to do the most good.

Our presence and our voices are our power. Now is our time to remind each other how strong and resourceful we are through sharing our stories.

A Warrior Checklist

When it’s time for virabhadrasana II (warrior II posture) in my yoga practice, I go through a mental checklist to keep me safe, strong, and steady. This checklist helps me feel brave and confident so I’m sharing my warrior checklist with you. I hope that these physical cues will help you feel grounded, connected to your truth, inspired to take action.

A Warrior Checklist:

  • Arms up
  • Shoulders down
  • Neck relaxed
  • Eyes focused forward
  • Face calm
  • Belly drawn up and in
  • Hips open
  • Legs muscles engaged and active
  • Feet pressed firmly down
  • Breathe for five steady breaths



Pure self-made warrior power.

I can write this blog alone, but don’t want to. This is a blog that is meant for stories from the inclusive warrior women sisterhood. So if you’d like to contribute a story or you have a question, please contact me. And if you think you know someone who’d like to share their story, please share this post.

I understand it may be too early to tell, but what do you think of Onward Woman so far? What do you want more of in future posts? You can expect at least one per month from me and more if other women feel called to contribute.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Onward, women!

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  1. Rachel, I am excited and inspired by Onward Woman already! The title of this piece reminds me of the Marianne Williamson quote, “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually who are we not to be?…when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Shine on, beautiful friend.

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