You are…

Full of big dreams.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities.

At a transition point and uncertain about what to do next.

Wanting clarity.

Experiencing shifts in your relationships, employment status and wanting to experience them in integrity.

An emerging entrepreneur.

A do-er.

A seeker.

Always wanting more.

I am…

A certified Whole Person Coach Coach Training World in Portland, Oregon.

An educator with more than 10 years of experience in international higher education.

A champion for proactivity.

A celebrator.

A life-long lover of self-improvement.

Acutely aware of cross-cultural communication dimensions.

A licensed Firestarter Sessions Facilitator through Danielle LaPorte.

A yogini, a dancer, and a lover of many forms of movement.


Q: Why should I hire a coach? 

A: I can help you get clarity on your goals.

I listen to you, ask questions, and give you tools to be the person you were put here on Earth to be.

Unlike your family and friends, my interest is your agenda.

Q: What is coaching? 

A: Coaching is a client-centered practice to help you move forward in life.

As your coach, I am unbiased and fully committed to you, your agenda, and your desired outcomes.

I will hold up the mirror, hold you accountable to your desired action items, and stay in contact with you while helping you get everything you’ve ever wanted.

Q: What can I expect from a coaching session with you? 

A: Our first session together will be an informative conversation. I’ll learn more about you and you’ll learn more about me. After this conversation, we’ll decide if it would be best for us to move forward together.

We’ll meet for a set number of one hour sessions in which you will set your own goals, daily and weekly action items, and make progress at your own pace.